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This  great American travesty began with slavers who shanghaied  African  tribal people, then sent them via unseaworthy 

ships to America.   Auctioned off to white landed gentry, some were treated humanely, many  with unchecked savagery .  

An unfounded notion  grew then festered that  these "darkies" housed in our sheds  were  genetically inferior.   

I look to attract the curious, the discerning, open to discussion of where we as people should, at least hope, to be.  I look forward to your patronage, so please take the time to peruse the "About" and "Contact"  pages (upper right hand corner) as well.

Laurie Anderson (Beautiful Red Dress):​  

              Well they say women shouldn't be the president

                'Cause we go crazy from time to time

                Well push my button baby here I come...

                 You know, for every dollar a man makes

                 A woman makes 63 cents.

                 It'll be the year 3888 

                 Before we make a buck.

                 But hey, girls? We can take it

                 And if we can't, we're gonna fake it

                       Mme Cairo's Salon (24"X30") $185>>

Women's Day Parade  1/21/2017 

      I wish I could have been there.

     I watched the "Resist" parades with pride knowing that ignorance about and devastating acts towards women still persist.  For too long men have held us down, ​talked us down; however, their unremitting acts of dominance

will be coming to an end.                      

                1/21/2017  Int'l Women's Parade (30" X 40")  $275  >>

 We live in dark, troubled times.  It may have been a long time coming; the questions 

raised by the current climate, environmental, societal and amoral geopolitical, are                     stultifying in scope.  The arts act to ease the pain, they provide us light and  H O P E.